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Roof Replacement & Installation

Houses are built to last for decades, but weather can get in the way and reduce the amount of time a home lasts for. The thing that takes the most beating in a home is usually the roof, as weather comes through the roof takes most of the hit as it protects from rain, snow, heat waves and wind. When a roof has taken too much of a beating it may need to be replaced, this process can be daunting as it means that a section or the entire roof of your home is removed and your home is left vulnerable. But when you have the team at Bozeman Roofing Company taking care of it for you, then you can rest easy knowing its being done properly and your home will be kept safe the entire time.

Partial or Total Roof Replacement

Each roof ages differently, so there’s no telling how yours has been effected over time. In most cases, when a roof starts to give up then only a section of it needs to be repaired or replaced. This makes our job easy because it’s less area to worry about covering up as we repair it. But in some cases the entire roof needs to be replaced, this is a much bigger job but definitely not one outside of our wheel house. If your roof needs replacing then trust the people that have the experience gained from many similar projects before.

Planning Ahead Before Construction

The thing we’ve learnt the most in our many years of service is the importance of planning properly before any project begins. If your roof needs repairing or replacing, we make sure to thoroughly inspect the problem first and document the issue or issues in the plan so we can make sure that every detail is addressed and that we know the best, most efficient way to repair the roof. Our plan ends up always saving time, money and effort because it allows us to find the most efficient way possible to repair or replace your roof.

Experienced Contractors and Staff

When you have people on the top of your house repairing the only thing protecting you from the elements, you want to make sure they know what they are doing. Our team consists of highly trained individuals, each with years of experience in the roofing industry. On top of that experience we continuously train our staff so they keep on top of their trade and know exactly what they’re doing.

Ongoing Maintenance

Once your roof needs replacing it can scare you into making sure that your roof is safe and sound for years to come. We offer ongoing maintenance and inspections to make sure your roof stays in top condition over the years, stopping you from worrying if your roof will fall in on you and need further repairs. Our inspection and maintenance service is there to help give you peace of mind about your home.