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Enhance your home’s durability and aesthetic appeal with our professional roofing services. Our experienced team provides top-quality workmanship, ensuring your roof withstands the elements while adding value and beauty to your property. Trust us for reliable and efficient roofing solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our team consists of skilled professionals with extensive roofing experience. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. From the initial assessment to the final installation, we handle every aspect of your roofing project with precision. Our commitment to quality ensures a roof that meets your highest standards and provides long-lasting protection.

We use durable materials and proven techniques to create roofs that withstand extreme conditions. Whether it’s heavy snowfall or strong winds, our roofs remain intact and functional. Protect your home from the elements with our weather-resistant roofing solutions.

Expert Craftsmanship

Weather Resistance

Warranty Protection

We stand behind our work with comprehensive warranties. Our roofing services come with guarantees that provide peace of mind. Should any issues arise, our team is ready to address them promptly and efficiently. Enjoy the security of knowing your investment is protected with our reliable warranty coverage.

Our dedicated team is committed to providing personalized service and expert craftsmanship that exceed your expectations. Whether you need a new roof installation, repairs, or maintenance, we are here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation and let’s discuss how our professional roofing services can protect and beautify your home. Trust us to deliver a roof that not only looks great but also stands the test of time.

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5/5 Customer rating


5/5 Customer rating

Why Choose Roofing Pros Of Bozeman


Quality Work

Our quality of work is second to none. We train our roofing contractors with a high level of scrutiny to ensure a high quality of work for your commercial or residential location. Bozeman is a unique area in that our winters are long and harsh, so a durable roof that will not need frequent roof repair
work is an absolute necessity. We stand by our work for many years and know that you will be thrilled with your roof installation for many years to come.


Superior Lifetime Roofing Products

Not all types of roofing materials are created equal, and not all manufacturers make the same quality of product. Whether you are looking for an asphalt shingle roof, metal roof, flat roof, or tin roof, the highest quality material is provided. It is so that you can be sure that your roof will last for years or even decades to come, even during the notorious Bozeman winters!



Installing a new roof is not a cheap project, and we understand that. That being said, our premium products and expert installation technique will ensure that the value you receive is excellent. Depending on the material of the roof you are looking for, you will be looking at decades of protection.


Financing Options

We fully understand that a roof replacement or installation is not a cheap project, which is why we are proud to offer financing options for you so that you can concern yourself more with choosing the right choices for roofing the home or business. That is as opposed to going with the cheapest option because it’s all you can afford. If you are interested in our roofing finance options, please let us know, and we can put you in touch with a lender who can help you get pre-qualified.


Insurance Experts

Bozeman is notorious for weather that can cause a damaged roof needing repair. Regardless if a hail storm tore shingles off of your roof or a long winter of heavy snow wore it down, we can help. Our company knows what your homeowner’s insurance company needs to process a claim without issue, and we are happy to do what we can to make that part of an already stressful process just a bit easier on you.


Licensed and Insured

If an uninsured contractor is working on your roof, it can be a significant risk to you as the homeowner. Insurance matters in liability as well. That covers the damage to the property and any potential injuries caused by the contractor. Workers’ compensation also gives payments to injured workers in the event of a catastrophe. As the case should be with other contractors, our team has an excellent insurance policy so that you can take comfort in that your project is backed up.



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Residential Roofing

Residential roofing is our bread and butter. We have helped build, inspect and repair many roofs in our tenure and know precisely how to get the results you want. Investing in a great residential roofing option improves the home’s quality and adds both style and satisfaction to the residence, and protects all valuable things housed underneath. At Bozeman Roofing, we also specialize in different residential roofing styles. Flat roofs are an example. They may not be as common with residential areas like other forms, but they are utilized due to their low cost. They tend to be easier to install and may also increase the usable space outdoors since it is possible to walk on them.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing needs specialized skills, so you can turn to our experienced and highly skilled team. You will have peace of mind with us on your side because we recognize the task’s magnitude. Commercial roofing is quite different compared to residential options. It entails square footage and would require special heavy-duty tools for the job. Commercial or industrial roofs are also flat styled, and they range from the older built-up types to modified single-ply options. They are also much larger, and special consideration would be needed for the weight of the mechanical equipment on them. They are also a bit more costly to set than residential because of the square footage and tools required. This is not a job that you want anyone to handle.

New Construction Roofing

Bozeman’s real estate market has been accelerating recently, so we have installed countless new roofs throughout the area. We fully understand that you are anxious to move into your home, and the roof needs to be safe and secure before moving in. Our team is competent and can work with your general contractor to find the most appropriate time to come and install the new roof. We can take you through several roof types and materials that will match your new home. We have prioritized safety by issuing all contractors with the right personal protective equipment from harnesses to hard hats and masks, of course.

Roof Replacement

Bozeman weather can do a number on a roof and decrease the expected life span. Whether your roof has experienced damage from hail or wind and needs to be replaced prematurely or it has simply worn down over time, it is a vital investment to keep the rest of your home from experiencing similar damage. Our team can come and inspect the roof on an annual basis to determine if it needs to be repaired or replaced. We are all about saving you money, as we fully know that the cost to replace a roof is very high.

Roof Repair

We also offer high-quality roof replacement at reasonable rates. Roof replacement is something that you need to consider as all of them are exposed to the elements like rain, snow, and sun. That means the components wear down over time. Depending on the build quality, it can take a short or long time. The following are some of the aspects to consider to know if you require a roof replacement. You may have noticed some discoloration or stains on the ceilings and the walls of the residence. If the attic insulation is soggy as well, then it could mean there is a problem with the roofing. Leakage could go through the insulation and start to permeate the ceiling to the lower rooms. Long-term wearing on the roof may also result in missing or curling shingles. Getting debris or granules from the gutter system’s shingles is one of the signs there may be roof decay. Those missing parts of the roof would also make the home vulnerable to the elements.

Roof Inspection and Maintenance

Even after the project, which may entail installation or repair, we would like to help you retain the structure’s quality. That involves regular maintenance and assessment of the roofing though this may prove cumbersome for you. We can help with creating a maintenance plan for your roof. That means deciding how often the roofing inspection should take place. We can provide a checklist of conditions that you should look out for and anything that needs repair or maintenance. If another contractor previously installed the roof and you would like some assistance with maintenance, we can also assist. You would need to know when the roof was initially installed and give us some information on the contractor who installed it. It would also be helpful to have a list of the access types, date of certification, and a log of the previous repairs.

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